How To Play 8 Ball

How To Play 8 Ball and other billiards games are pretty common questions. 8 Ball pool games are all basically the same as far as pocketing all of your balls (solids or stripes) first and then the 8 ball.

How To Play 8 Ball

How To Play 8 Ball

Some people like to play “1 15 Bank the eight last pocket”. (There is a side pocket designated for the one ball and the 15 ball and you must bank the 8 in the pocket where you put your last ball)

Some people even play where you have to bank all the balls. You will find many twists in 8 ball pool games.

You will find many variations where 8 ball rules are concerned however. I have even seen some mixed opinions on the 8 ball rack and how the balls should be placed in the rack.

After the general rules for 8 ball are accomplished and you have pocketed all of the stripes or all of the solids and it’s time to shoot the 8 ball, the rules can change up depending on where and how you are playing.

APA and many other leagues, require you to mark the pocket where you intend to shoot the 8 ball. The BCA and several others simply require that you call the pocket.

Pool League players usually have to call the pocket, while the bar players believe you should call any bank, kiss or carom.

In the APA league you don’t have to call any ball except the 8. This is call pocket and you must place an object of some kind on the rail close to your intended pocket.

I know some people who love the game so much they have an 8 ball key chain or run around wearing an 8 ball jacket.

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